• BolsterBetix 60 ct

BolsterBetix 60 ct

For Balanced Glucose, Antioxidant, & Nerve Support

Bolster Nutrients BolsterBetix supports healthy glucose levels and healthy nerves. Free of sugar, milk, egg, shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat and soybeans.

  • 400mg Berberine HCI
  • 100mg Cinnamon
  • 100mg Benfotiamine

Was thoughtfully formulated for individuals with high fasting blood sugar and neuropathy. Berberine activates AMPK, which has a myriad of benefits, but also improves insulin sensitivity. Cinnamon has been extensively studied in curbing blood sugar spikes by reducing insulin sensitivity as well. It has also been shown in some studies to reduce cholesterol. Benfotamine was added to protect nerves from damage associated with chronically high blood glucose and A1C. This combination is excellent for general health as high blood sugar can damage the body in many ways.

Make BolsterBetix part of your regimen today!